More Quarters

Cape Town

A stay at More Quarters Apartment Hotel places you in the heart of Cape Town. Explore nearby bars, beaches, great little shops, local eateries and boutiques. The airport of Cape Town is less than 30 minutes away by car. More Quarter guests have the possibility to use the facilities of the Boutique Hotel Cape Cadogan.

More Quarters offers 14 luxury apartments in the centre of Cape Town and provides you with easy access to everything on offer in the scenic and exciting city of Cape Town, yet when you close the door to your apartment, you can shut out the world and enjoy complete privacy and calm.

More Quarters provides one bedroom and two bed room apartments. Each apartment is equipped with a private bathroom, W-LAN, iPod, safe deposit box, television, telephone and air-conditioning, kitchenette and minibar. The Apartment Hotel provides his guests shower and bathroom for early arrivals, Lounge with fireplace, Library with complimentary internet access, Wireless connectivity, Breakfast room, Concierge service for arranging day trips Transfers, Restaurant reservations and Spa and Wellness activities, 24 Hour security, Luggage storage, Secure parking on request.

Complimentary transfers between More Quarters and the V&A Waterfront are available. Return transfers are available at 10h00, 14h00, 17h30, and 20h00. The transfer vehicle will also take guests to the Virgin Active in Wembley Square where Cape Cadogan has arranged for a daily membership. Guest relations team will advise of costs but it is estimated at R150.00 per day.

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South Africa


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